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big mounted-police ball, celebrating the sending
to England of the Queen's Jubilee contingent of
mounted policemen, was at Its height when sud-
denly the band struck up, 'God Save the Queen/
Men and women looked at one another in amaze-
ment. When the national anthem ceased,
Colonel Herchimer, the commanding officer of
all the mounted police, announced that the send-
ing of the Jubilee Contingent to England had
been cancelled; that grave news had just been
received from the North Country. Whereupon
he Issued orders that every available mounted
policeman was to start north at once,

This force consisted of twenty-five men, a
9-pounder field gun and a Maxim gun under
Assistant-Commissioner Mcllree and Inspector
McDonnell—now General Sir Archibald McDon-
nell, of Calgary, Alberta, Commissioner of Boy
Scouts for Western Canada. Another detachment
of reinforcements left Prince Albert the next day
under Inspector Gagnon. This brought to the
field practically the entire mounted police force
of Asslnibola.

Added to this, hundreds of volunteers had been
recruited and rushed to the scene. A transport
was recruited at Duck Lake, equipped with picks
and shovels and sent out to dig trenches and throw
up earthworks, to enable the troops to advance on
the bluff under cover—this, in case they should

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